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Go Lightning!

Lightridge High School Athletics


Go Lightning!

Lightridge High School Athletics

Go Lightning!

Lightridge High School Athletics

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2 months ago @ 9:00AM

This Week in Athletics (8/17-8/22)

This Week in Athletics:


Paving Your Name in LHS History (Link)



Monday, August 17th

Football Conditioning, Willard MS, 7:00AM.


Tuesday, August 18th

Football Conditioning, Willard MS, 7:00AM.

Field Hockey Conditioning, Willard MS, 6:00PM-7:00PM.


Thursday, August 19th

Football Conditioning, Willard MS, 7:00AM.

Field Hockey Conditioning, Willard MS, 6:00PM-7:00PM.


Tuesday, August 25th

LABC General Session Meeting, Virtual, 6:30PM. (Please email for link to meeting).



The VHSL voted on Monday to move forward with Model 3 for the upcoming 20-21 school year. Model three is a condensed season for Winter, Fall, and Spring sports.


Season 1 (Winter) December 14-February 20 (First Contest Date-Dec. 28)

Season 2 (Fall) February 15-May 1 (First Contest Date-March 1)

Season 3 (Spring) April 12-June 26 (First Contest Date-Apr 26)


VHSL Announces Plans for Sports/Activities (2020-2021)


In order to be able to participate in out of season conditionings/practices/tryouts, a VHSL physical must be submitted to and the online registration completed at the following link athletics online registration. Please sign up for alerts at for all news & announcements!


Fall/Winter/Spring Sports Conditioning Guidelines & Schedule:

VHSL Sports/Activities Plan for 2020-2021



LCPS Practices will be limited initially to :

-One hour maximum

-Conditioning only; no sport-specific equipment can be used

-Outdoor use only; no indoor building access

-All athletes must bring their own labeled water bottles (32oz min). No water will be provided by the school.

-Max of 50 athletes may attend a practice

-10’ of distancing is to be maintained


Lightridge Process in Accordance with LCPS Guidelines:

-All athletes will fill out a health screening questionnaire prior to EVERY practice. This questionnaire is available for print on under “Files and Links.”

-Athletes will remain in car and pull up to the front of Willard. A coach will receive the questionnaire and take the athlete’s temperature with an infrared thermometer.

-Athletes with less than 100.4 degree temperature will then park their vehicle and may participate in that day’s practice. Athletes with 100.4 degree temperature or higher may not attend practice

-Athletes walking to practice will be screened at the bus loop.

-Athletes will remain in their vehicles after being screened and will exit their vehicles together as directed by their coach 10 minutes before practice to walk to grass field behind Willard.

-Athletes will arrive in front entrance parking lot 15-30 minutes before their scheduled practice for health screening.

-All athletes will wash their hands with hand sanitizer immediately following practice


LCPS Require Forms for Participation:

In order to attend any practices, all athletes must have completed the “REQUIRED FORMS FOR PARTICIPATION” posted on The VHSL physical should be scanned and emailed to The online paperwork must also be completed and submitted online. Athletes may not attend Lightridge practices without having both the physical and online paperwork completed.


Please check with head coaches for a list of current paperwork-eligible athletes. All athletes (fall, winter, and spring) should complete both sets of paperwork now to be prepared for athletics this school year.


Out of Season Conditionings:

August Practice Times for Fall Sports. All practices/screening/drop off will take place in front of Willard Middle School.


Field Hockey: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-7PPM. (arrive between 5:30-5:45PM)



Football:  Monday/Tuesday/Thursdays from 7-8AM. (arrive between 6:30AM-6:45AM)



Cheer: Workouts posted on Twitter/Instagram @Lightridgecheer



Volleyball: Workouts posted on athletics website.



Golf: Play Bull Run Golf Course for $25



Cross Country: Coach Augrom’s Running Program



Lightridge Athletic Booster Club

We are so excited to be able to offer our Athletic Club yearly and lifetime memberships to all those who are part of the Lightridge Family. We are using, as most schools use. You will be able to find "Lightridge" under "LOUDOUN". Thank you, for being part of the Lightning Tribe!

The money raised by these memberships enable us to help all our athletic teams with examples of items listed below:

End of Season Awards | Sport Patches and Pins | State Championship Banners | Stadium Windscreens | Pitching Machine | Weight Room Equip | Tennis Ball Feeder | Gymnastics/Wrestling Mats | Senior Athlete Blankets | Swim Counters/Timers | Basketball Shooting Machine | LABC Athletic Scholarships | Athletic Hall of Fame | Coaches Training/Certs | Track Hurdles

Yearly memberships are $35
Lifetime memberships are $100



Paving Your Name in LHS History



Go Bolts!





Jason Treon, CAA

Athletic Director

Lightridge High School



“Invest your time into things that are lasting and real.”


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